Corpus Juridisch Nederlands

About the Corpus application

The corpus application is developed by the INT. The backend of the application is the BlackLab Lucene based search engine developed for corpora with token-based annotation ( The web-based frontend is a further development of the corpus-frontend application developed by INT ( in CLARIN and CLARIAH projects. Its design is inspired by the first version of the OpenSoNaR user interface by Tilburg and Radboud University (

About the Corpus Juridisch Nederlands

The Corpus Juridisch Nederlands comprises a collection of 5.856 legal texts that could be consulted from the mid-1980s until 1992 as N-Lex, a database of current Dutch legislation. The material has been made available by the Centre for Informatics and Law of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The files have been compiled per year and run from 1814 to 1989. Only a few French-language texts and some undated texts have not been included in the corpus. [Note that the current website N-Lex contains the consolidated Dutch legislation which is or has been in force since 1 May 2002.]

The documents that now make up the Corpus Juridisch Nederlands were originally part of the Corpus Hedendaags Nederlands. Because these texts date from 1814 to 1989, they are out of place in the latest version of the Corpus Contemporary Dutch. This is why these documents have been incorporated in a separate Corpus Juridisch Nederlands.


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Corpus Juridisch Nederlands (Version 1.0) (September 2021) [Online service]. Available at the Dutch Language Institute:

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Does, Jesse de, Jan Niestadt en Katrien Depuydt (2017), Creating research environments with BlackLab. In: Jan Odijk and Arjan van Hessen (eds.) CLARIN in the Low Countries, pp. 151-165. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI:

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